Premise insurance

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What is premise insurance useful for?

It covers the premises and all the equipment necessary to your business.

 It includes the following covers: fire, water damage, theft, broken window/sign, operation loss.

It evolves alongside your development. Do not forget to update your insurer when changes occur.

Why choose this insurance?

When signing your tenancy or purchase agreement, an insurance policy will be needed.

A risk assessment visit is required to match your insurance with your needs. Do not neglect the safety of your premises (fire, electricity, protection against theft).

Because of the goods or services you sell, install, deliver… this being your own fault or your employees’.

It is important to make a precise statement of needs and to make them evolve over time.

Example 1

Your premises are flooded, and the damages are huge. Thanks to the ‘climatic events’ guarantee of your professional multiple-risk contract, the damages will be covered (depending on the terms).

Example 2

After a fire in your premises, you are forced to close for several weeks. The ‘operational loss’ guarantee of your professional multiple-risk contract allows you to maintain your profit and cover the fixed costs.

Exemple 3

While travelling abroad, the professional laptop of one of your employees is stolen. The technological devices theft guarantee allows to buy a new one (depending on the terms).

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