Assurance mission à l’étranger

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A quoi sert l’assurance mission à l’étranger ?

This insurance covers the employee during his overseas business trips.

An insurance valid for business trips abroad of different durations and destinations.

These insurances including the following guarantees: medical expenses, repatriation, anticipated return…

Luggage, cancellation, interruption, colleague replacement…

Why choose this insurance?

Insurances contracted in France are not adapted to employees’ business trips. It is therefore important to have a complete solution adapted to the employee’s trip.
Overseas business trip insurance can be applied to a trip or on an annual-basis to aid HR management.
It includes the following covers: medical expenses, assistance, repatriation, colleague replacement, cancellation/interruption, luggage, kidnapping/ransom.

Example 1

After falling on the stairs, the employee must be hospitalised for a wrist fracture. By contacting the 24/7 assistance platform, everything will be covered.

Example 2

 During a change between two flights, some luggage is lost. The employee can ask for compensation for the purchase of essential items and the luggage that has been lost.

Exemple 3

While going on a meeting, the employee bumps into and hurts a pedestrian. Civil liability is implemented to cover the expenses related to corporal and/or material damages caused to the third-party.

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