Civil liability insurance

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A quoi sert l’assurance responsabilité civile ?

It covers you in all professional activity and insures all financial consequences resulting from potential damages.

If you get sued by clients unsatisfied by your work or something else, your civil liability will be implemented to protect you.

The questioning of your civil liability can have severe financial consequences and put the viability of your business in danger.

It is an essential cover to protect and secure your business.

Why choose this insurance?

As a director, you are responsible for your business as well as your employees, furniture and premises. Indeed, no matter what the activity sector is, risks exist: your professional activity is likely to harm others. Your responsibility can be implemented in diverse ways:

Because of the goods or services you sell, install, deliver… this being your own fault, your employees’ or subcontractors’.

Because of the professional premises.

As an employer you are responsible for your employees

If your responsibility is questioned and confirmed, you will have to indemnify the victims.

Example 1

A client slips and hurts himself in your premises. He challenges your liability to receive damages.

Example 2

One of your employees spilt some coffee over one of your client’s laptops, the data is damaged. You are responsible for the damage caused.

Exemple 3

A client sues you because he is unsatisfied with the work provided or by a defective product. Your civil liability is implemented.

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