Health and life insurance 

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A quoi sert l’Assurance Santé et Prévoyance ?

The health insurance allows the employee to get partial or total refunds after the intervention of the social security system.

This collective health insurance is compulsory since 2016 and needs to be in line with the business collective bargaining agreement.

Life insurance is compulsory for managers and strongly advised for other employees.

This life insurance guarantees the payment of services in the event of temporary work incapacity, disability, or the death of the insured.

Why choose this insurance?

It allows employees to remain healthy.

It assists employees if an event occurs and find themselves in a precarious position or are not allowed to work temporarily or indefinitely.

Health insurance covers the employee and sometimes his/her partner and/or children, while the life insurance only applies to employees.

Example 1

For any surgery, the surgeon and anaesthetist apply surcharges: the insurance will cover a part of or all the surcharges.

Example 2

Pour évacuer son stress ou avoir une meilleur hygiène alimentaire, le salarié consulte un sophrologue, un nutritionniste : la sécurité sociale ne remboursant pas ce type de consultation, l’assurance santé peut intervenir selon le contrat souscrit.

Exemple 3

The employee must stop working for four months for medical reasons, the life insurance contract will pay in daily indemnities depending on the contract subscribed to limit the salary loss.

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